The Tom Shop by Olafson Creative is an online store that has been curated with great care. Featuring furniture, art, home décor, and swag by Olafson Creative as well as other crafty creatives we admire. These crafters are not necessarily full-time 'makers', but are also artists, musicians, athletes, and icons. When you visit The Tom Shop, you can expect a consistent aesthetic and quality in its curated collection. 

About Olafson Creative: Our goods are intended for everyday use, made of the most basic materials in their purest forms. We incorporate custom artwork and imagery to offer an alternative to the mass-produced products around in the marketplace. Hopefully, these one-of-a-kind pieces will provide a glimpse into another place or time... evoking different moods and narratives (in fact, go ahead and tell your own story with these objects!). Unafraid of combining very different styles (e.g. brutalist architecture with ornamental rococo...?), we are inspired by our other mission: to successfully combine the hill country blues sounds of Fred McDowell with the electronic minimalism of Kraftwerk (see our head designer's musical projects here)... but that's another story for another day!

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